4 reasons why Okayama is the best place for training camp:

City Light Stadium (Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Grounds Athletic Field )
Access Mapシティライトスタジアム(岡山県総合グラウンド陸上競技場)The facility is located approximately 1.5km north of the West Gate of JR Okayama Station and it can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot. This athletics track field in the city centre is the largest in Okayama prefecture, and is used for track and field meetings and J League soccer games.
 1. Outline of the facility
 Seating capacity: approx. 20,000 people (8,220 people in the main stands and 7,369 people in the back stands)
 Structure Steel construction (partially reinforced concrete structure)
 Main stands: located 4 stories above the ground and partially covered
 Back stands: 2 stories above the ground
 A first type accredited facility by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations
 2. Characteristics
 The facility was maintained as the main venue of the 60th Fall National Sports Festival (the track and field competition at the National Sports Festival in Okayama was held here in 2005).
 Full consideration has been given to the design and the tone of this urban park for sport, which also provides an abundantly green space for relaxation. The non-overwhelming and smooth curve of the roof and exterior wall allows glimpses of the surrounding greenery. An architectural silhouette of Chugoku Mountains, Kibi Highland and the southern part of the city all represent Okayama.
■ Main events held
 2005: National Sports Festival Track and Field Meeting
 2016: Interscholastic Athletic Meeting, Track and Field Competition
Address2-1-11 Izumi-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi mapContact086-252-5201
Olympic pre- camp candidate Guide equipped with informationhttps://pregamestraining.tokyo2020.jp/en/module/camp/facilities/e310650d208815272cb753ee742f692a
    Details of the Facility
Zip Arena (Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Ground Gymnasium)
Access Mapジップアリーナ岡山(岡山県総合グラウンド体育舘)The gymnasium is located approximately 1.5km north of the West Gate of JR Okayama Station and can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot. This city centre gym is the largest in Okayama prefecture, and is used to hold various indoor games.
1. Outline of the facility
Seating capacity: main arena 2,532 fixed seats and 2,556 movable seats
2-storey structure of steel-reinforced concrete
2. Characteristics
a. The signature feature of the arena is the exterior of the huge smoothly curved roof. Both the inside and the outside of the arena are designed simply in white. The arena has many glass surfaces so that the inside is extremely well lit and open.
b. Considering the management and the surrounding environment, the gymnasium employs a double folded plate roof with heat insulation and resistance, as well as ALC panels with heat insulation, sound absorption and insulation for the exterior walls. There are outdoor decks and many gates in order for the audience to exit the exterior directly from stands on the 2nd floor in the event of an emergency.
■Major events held
FIVB Volleyball World Cup Japan in Okayama
Women's World Grand Prix in Okayama
V. Premier League
Address2-1-3 Izumi-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi mapContact086-252-5201
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    Details of the Facility
International Pacific University TOPGUN
Access Map"TOPGUN" is a top-class hall in Japan for athletes.
1. The judo-training hall uses tatami matting, which is also used in the Olympic Games. It is the largest training hall for women's judo with 300 quires per 3 mats.
2. Training centre
The spacious and naturally lit 850 square metre training centre has 80 world-quality training machines. The centre can occupy more than 200 people at a time. Practical training is available in an aerobic and free area with the same floor materials that are used at international meetings for volleyball and handball games.
Main training camps
2016: The National Korean Women's Judo team
French judo junior reserve team
USA judo national player
Address721 Kannonji, Seto-cho,Higashi-ku,Okayama-shi mapContact086-252-5201
Olympic pre- camp candidate Guide equipped with informationhttps://pregamestraining.tokyo2020.jp/en/module/camp/facilities/5c61ec8e22e75a34f670dfb171399b5f
Okayama City Comprehensive Cultural Gymnasium
Access Map岡山市総合文化体育館Various sports meetings are held in this Okayama City's gymnasium. The surrounding area is maintained as Urayasu Comprehensive Park, which is a relaxing space for citizens.
1. Outline of the facility
Main arena
Seating capacity: 3,000 fixed seats
A reinforced concrete structure, 4 stories above the ground
2. Characteristics
Other than the main arena, there is a sub arena, Judo and Kendo training hall and training rooms. The arena is able to hold international and national-level sport meetings as well as local events.
 ■Major events held
Men's and Women's FIVB Japan Volleyball World Cups
Address493-2 Urayasuminami-machi, Minami-ku, Okayama-shi mapContact086-263-7474
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Kanzakiyama Park Stadium
Access Map神崎山公園競技場The stadium has been accredited as a 3rd type facility by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. It is equipped with an all-weather paved track and natural grass for field throwing events. The stadium is inside leafy Kanzakiyama Park, providing a great location to allow athletes to focus on the games.  
Address744 Kanzaki-cho, Higashi-ku, Okayama-shi mapContact086-946-2010
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Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field
Access Map岡山県美作ラグビー・サッカー場Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field” is located in a rich intermontane environment near the Yunogo Onsen (hotsprings), and is known as the one of the best rugby and soccer fields in western Japan. There are 5 fields covered with natural turf, artificial turf, and clay. It is easy to access from the highway interchange, and has the best access to public transportation.                    ■Major Training Camp ・2002 FIFA World Cup KOREA JAPAN (Slovenia National Team) ・Beijing Olympics 2008 / Japan Women's Soccer National Team (Nadeshiko Japan) ・London Olympics 2011 Final Qualifying Round / Japan Women's Soccer National Team (Nadeshiko Japan) ・2012 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup JAPAN (U-20 Japan Women's Soccer National Team)
Address436-3 Nyuta, Mimasaka-shi mapContact0868-72-2225
Olympic pre- camp candidate Guide equipped with informationhttps://pregamestraining.tokyo2020.jp/en/module/camp/facilities/ 24d59801ecc09d87ac521a2535606626
■More Information
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【Summary of Subsidy(PDF)】Okayama National Sports Training Subsidy Program