Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about Okayama

Q1 Okayama is called "The Sunny Land"; is there really a lot of sunny days there?
Most of Okayama's days include less than a millimeter of precipitation in Japan; and also is one of the only prefectures that has plenty of clear weather, as well as the longest hours of daylight. "The Sunny Land" has a mild weather with low rainfall.
Q2 I've heard Okayama has less disasters than other prefectures. Is this true?
Below is a seismic activity map of the destructive earthquakes that occurred near Japan (May 2006-2014). It is true that Okayama has less risk from natural disasters (such as earthquakes). higai2006-new
Q3 Does Okayama have easy access by car or airplane?
Okayama prefecture has one of the foremost cross point where two expressways run east to west, and the other expressway runs from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean via the Inland Sea of Japan, across two places inside the prefecture. Since Okayama Airport rarely cancels flights, it's good for business, too. The airport has large free parking, and a lot of people living outside of the Okayama prefecture use this airport. Okayama prefecture surely has the best access by cars and airplanes. 地図3
Q4 Is there any place where I can get Okayama's special products or sightseeing information in Tokyo?
We have opened the Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan (a joint shop with the Tottori prefecture selling local specialities to Tokyo) in front of the JR Shimbashi station on September 2014. You can get farm-fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, standard sweets, craft products such as Bizen pottery, processed foods of the local farm and marine products. We are sure that you will see a new side of Okayama prefecture that you've never known. The Bistro Cafe, "Momotenashi-ya" which serves western-style dishes with locally produced products of both prefectures,and the "Tourism in okayama/Move to Okayama booth" which introduces tourist spots and secret spots that are great reception areas. We are looking forward to seeing you there! You can get the latest brochures and information about events at our Tokyo office (10F metropolis and districts bldgs. directly connected from the Nagatacho station)
Q5 Are there any websites providing Okayama's sightseeing information?
Please check out the website below. Okayama tourism portal website "DISCOVER OKAYAMA OF JAPAN"
Q6 Please tell me about Okayama's traditional crafts products!
We have 2 government-designated traditional crafts products and 11 prefecturally-designated local traditional crafts products. We exhibit and sell those products at “The Sunny Land Okayama Center (Okayama Prefectural Local Products Center)” (1-1-22 Omote-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi) and exhibit them at the “Okayama's traditional crafts products exhibition booth” located in the Shinkansen (bullet train) concourse area of the second floor of the JR Okayama station. [government-designated traditional crafts products] Katsuyama Bamboo Craftwork, Bizen Pottery [prefecturally-designated local traditional crafts products] Kurashiki papier-mache, Tsuyama Hakuaishi Paper, Handwoven Sakushu Kasuri textile, Natsukawa Fans, Bicchu Washi (Japanese paper), Cattail Craftwork, Takada Ink Stones, Ujo Pongee Cloth, Mushiake Pottery, Tsuyama clay Tenjin, Gohara Lacquer Ware *Related URL:
Q7 Do you have other special products?
Okayama also has textile products such as jeans and products made of rush grass. [Jeans] “Birthplace of Japanese Jeans: Kojima” and “Jeans Hometown: Ibara”has a wide variety of business such as dyeing of materials, weaving, sewing, washing and finishing located around the city. Those cities are jeans producing centers which produce one-of-a-kind high-quality jeans, which receive high recognition, not only in Japan but also worldwide. [Sailcloth products] Okayama prefecture is one of the greatest production regions for sailcloth products. Sailcloth is a plain-woven thick cloth and is used as a hood of a truck, however, recently those sailcloth woven by traditional shuttle weaving machines are made for a variety of goods (bags, etc) and various household goods, which can help raise your popularity. [Rush Products(woven figured mat)] Sophisticated rush processing techniques is well known across the country. Carefully crafted with the afore-mentioned traditional techniques, woven figured mats, cushions, slippers, and a variety of small craft works (vase mat, etc) are popular and fantastic as souveneirs.
Q8 “Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan” located infront of the JR Shimbashi station has plenty of the Okayama's special products. You can also get advice for your trip to Okayama or have sightseeing brochures in the tourism corner of the second floor.
・Name of the Shop: Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan (joint shop with the Tottori prefecture) ・Location: 1F/2F Shimbashi Center Place 1-11-7 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Phone Number: 03-3571-0092 ・Closed days:12/31-1/3 ・Related URL: (Japanese) (English) (Simplified Chinese) (Original Chinese) (Korean) Question about Training Camp
Q9 Are there any national teams that stay in Okayama for their training camp?
During the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, Slovenia's national soccer team stayed at Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field for their training camp. Japan's national women's soccer team also stayed there for their training camp, right before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Netherlands national Judo team also had their training camp at Okayama Budokan before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
Q10 Can we get any government or prefectural support if we stay in Okayama for the training camp?
Okayama prefecture will provide subsidies if you stay in the Okayama prefecture for the training camp for more than 10 days. Please check out the "About Support Projects" tab for more information. Some municipal governments have a system providing subsidlies. For further information, please contact the sports division of the municipal governments where you will stay for the training camp.