4 reasons why Okayama is the best place for training camp:

No.1:Okayama has a mild climate and mostly clear days. You can have a comfortable time.
No.1Most of Okayama's days include less than a millimeter of precipitation; and as such, is called "The Sunny Land". When compared to the climate in Tokyo, average temperature in the Summer is higher and has less precipitation than in the Spring and Fall. Okayama has mild weather and plenty of clear days. Regardless of the type of outdoor or indoor sport, you can feel comfortable at training camp.
Easy access through Shinkansen and the local airport! Traveling time is quick and easy.
No.2 ■Shinkansen Tokyo⇔Okayama(3h12m) ■Expressway The Sanyo Expressway runs across Western Japan in the east-west direction. Chugoku Transversal Expressway runs across the land from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean. One of Japan's foremost expressways includes the beautiful Seto Central Expressway crossroads.■Airport Okayama Airport is in service with 3 domestic routes (Tokyo, Sapporo, Naha) and 3 international routes (Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong) The airport has a free parking lot. It's approx. 25 minutes drive to the center of the city.
No.3:Okayama is surrounded by large mountains and the pristine ocean. As such, there is easy access to a variety of delicious food.
No.3Blessed with a dry warm weather, a lot of high-quality farm products (fruits, etc) are produced in Okayama. The northern Okayama area is surrounded by Chugoku Mountains, and the Southern Okayama area is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea, where fresh, delicious food is harvested. Your training camp will have ready access to a variety of different foods.
No.4:There are plenty of hot springs and full‐fledged hospitals in the area! Relax and enjoy a peace of mind during your stay.
No.4 Since there are plenty of hotsprings all over the Okayama prefecture, a lot of training camp facilities have their own hotspring. Some facilities open its bath for 24 hours; it's the best place to refresh yourself. Many hospitals are new, and as a result, Okayama has become one of the leading prefectures in advanced medical services. Since the newly established hospitals have a full‐fledged emergency medical care facility (Okayama ER), you can feel safe and secure during your stay.

*Reference: Japan Meteorological Agency Website http://www.data.jma.go.jp/obd/stats/etrn/index.php?prec_no=66&block_no=47756&year=&month=&day=&view= Created based on the yearly meteorological data in the past(yearly/monthly value)(Average observed value for 30 years from 1981-2010)