List of Sports Facilities

34Tamano Municipal General Athletic Park
Tamano Municipal General Athletic Park

Tamano Municipal General Athletic Park is the multi-purpose athletic park which is located in the middle of Tamano-shi and can be easily accessed from Okayama and Kurashiki. Other than the baseball fields, the park has multi-purpose fields, lawn playgrounds, kyudo hall, and tennis courts. There are 5 baseball/softball fields, 2 soccer fields, 10 omni tennis courts, and 4 clay tennis courts.

Address 3-17-1 tamahara, Tamano-shimap Contact 0863-31-1966
website http://www2.kct.ne.jp/~reku/tamahara/index.html

Details of the Facility

38Ibara Gymnasium・Ibara Sports Park
Ibara Gymnasium・Ibara Sports Park

This is a large-scaled sports facility with Ibara gymnasium, baseball fields, B&G Marine Center, athletic field, tennis courts, archery fields, Yoichi Memorial Kyudo Hall. Various sports events all over Ibara-shi are held in this facility. 

Address 1671-1 Kamiizue-cho, Ibara-shimap
website http://www.city.ibara.okayama.jp/cms-sypher/www/section/detail.jsp?id=516

Details of the Facility

41Soja Municipal Budokan (Gymnasium for Martial Arts)
Soja Municipal Budokan (Gymnasium for Martial Arts)

In Soja Municipal Budokan, citizens can practice various martial arts for the improvement in their health and fitness and sports promotion.

Address 423-1 Makabe, Soja-shimap Contact 0866-92-6330
website http://www.konamisportsandlife.co.jp/trust/sojashi/04.html

Details of the Facility