Details of the Sports Facilities

Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field
Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field "Okayama Prefectural Mimasaka Rugby・Soccer Field" is located in a rich intermontane environment near the Yunogo Onsen(hotsprings) and known as the one of the best rugby and soccer field in western Japan. There are 5 fields covered with the natural turf, the artificial turf, and the clay. It is easy to access from the highway interchange and have the best access to public transportation.
Address 436-3 Nyuta, Mimasaka-shimap Contact 0868-72-2225

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Details of the Facility
■Rugby Soccer Fields: Main Field:151m×87m, The First Field(turf): 125m×80m, The First Field(sand): 120m×69m, The Second Field(artificial turf): 124m×69m, The Third Field(artificial turf): 124m×69m

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